SkyrimeurTd In another world with anime system
Jule Devins died breaking his neck while in the stairs, losing his footing because of a small earthquake happening at the same time. God finding his death "The most silly death of the decade" decided to give him the opportunity to reincarnate in one of the other world of god. The story while include an Anime/Gaming/Novel System, no harem for the moment. This is my first time trying to write something...
Hijaw Total Adaptation - War And Evolution
An unnamed organism. he forgot everything except the Truths and Laws. Now, he lives again and seeks answers. But first, he needs to survive! Only by continuously adapting oneself and evolving can he be victorious. Where is he, what is he, and will he change from an unnamed organism to a supreme lifeform?
Muigetsu The Archaic System
***[Setting]***By the early 26th Century humanity had exhausted all resources that could sustain human life. Fortunately, in a science experiment in 2008 something unexpected occurred ripping open a portal to a completely different universe. Humanity spent the next 500 years preparing for their migration to the planet of Agartha. Humanity couldn 't bring any of their advanced technology. However...
Pseudologi Homunculus Queen
In a fantasy world with magic and swords, a creature that almost every noble house owns is a homunculus. Beautiful creatures with human appearances created by humans, for humans, and to serve humans. Educated from the beginning of life to fulfill their roles, with no hope of freedom, a certain women from a different world possesses the body of such a creature.